October 29, 2009

1st July 2009 – Capturing Children

Not with a net, obviously, that would be cruel.
I love taking pictures of children.  They are unpredictable, unreserved, uncensored.  It can be really challenging to get an image you are pleased with, given that they are largely unconcerned about how they look, but when you do the rewards are enormous.  I am always excited by the idea of presenting parents with an image that reflects how beautiful and luminous that child appears to them.  My children?  That is another matter.  My eldest flings her arms around her head at the mere mention of a camera, the youngest tries to smile.  This might not seem like a bad thing, unless you have seen her smile.  Traditionally I believe it is called gurning.  Hopefully she will soon forget about trying to smile, and then that lovely grin will return.  If not, she will just have to perfect a Zoolander-esque ‘look’, or I will have to resort to trickery…

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