February 19, 2011

Victoria & David’s intimate Hampshire Wedding

Vix & Dave’s wedding was my first of 2011, and I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better one.  I was really excited about it (despite reports of heavy rain which helpfully held off) because when I had met them just a few weeks ago I just loved the ethos of the day.  Everything was home-made, from the table decorations to the bunting to the dinner of lasagne – prepared in the kitchen of the village hall.  The whole event was simple, unpretentious, and totally lovely.

They were married at the beautiful All Saints church in Catherington, Hampshire by a wonderful clergywoman helpfully named Angela.  The classic service was punctuated by the vows which had me weeping into my eyepiece (not helpful when it comes to focusing, really), and afterward they were incredibly good sports by acquiescing to my requests that they tromp through a very muddy field full of horse poo for their portraits.

I genuinely do consider being present at anybody’s wedding to be a complete privilege – but when the wedding is so small and intimate and important it is an absolute honour.  Thank you both, and thanks to Edward for being a sterling ‘Average’ Man and helping me corral the family for pictures, and to Jon for his (somewhat cheeky 🙂 assistant duties.  I will blog some more images as I edit them in a couple of weeks, but in the mean time – congratulations to Dave & Vix on a fabulous day and what I am convinced will be an amazing life together.



Beautiful. I too love the ethos of the day, and I enjoy both your writing style and your photography Ange.

22:58 February 19, 2011

Ben Goode

Great work as ever Angela.

23:34 February 19, 2011


Lovely photos, Ange :) And double yay for bossing them into the pasture!

00:00 February 20, 2011

Amy Wass

Beautiful photos Ange, especially love the heart shaped brolley one. Looks like I passed on a good un. Congrats to Victoria & David!

00:01 February 20, 2011


These are incredible, Ange. The colors. THE COLORS!!! If only you'd been at my wedding to Sarah 11 years ago. Sigh.... Just need a Klingon ship and a slingshot around the sun.

17:47 February 20, 2011

Angela Ward-Brown

Aw, I would too - in a heartbeat.

19:43 February 21, 2011

David and Victoria

Hi Angela, Vix and I just can't stop looking at these photos!! We love them, just what we wanted and can't wait to see the rest. Once again many thanks for being part of our day, and for your kind words written in the blog.

21:10 February 21, 2011

Angela Ward-Brown

I'm so glad you like them, Dave. Thanks again for having me there, it was really lovely, will be in touch soon x

23:37 February 21, 2011


Dave - you could have had a shave...

10:44 March 8, 2011

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