April 17, 2011

The wedding of Adam & Roslyn at Winchester College

This sneaky peek was supposed to be up an hour ago – sorry Roz & Adam, but your day was far too lovely, your guests too much fun, and you were far too fantastic; as a result Anna & I shot more frames than we ever have at a wedding before.  It took a little time to upload them all!

Thank you for such an amazing day, both of us were so honoured to be there; from the Jimmy Choos to the drinks at the Wykeham, from the piper that made me cry to the cloisters, from the fab speeches to playing that funky music, white boy.

I will post a bigger selection of images once they are edited and once Roz & Adam have seen them, may need to increase my bandwidth though….



Love the church photo! They look so happy!

17:18 April 17, 2011

Andy Hunt

You really, really, really are good at this! Every shot is amazing!! XX

08:00 April 18, 2011

Ben Goode

Beautiful work Ange!

08:43 April 18, 2011

Angela Ward-Brown

Thank you all for your kind comments :)

10:27 April 18, 2011

Amy Wass

Gorgeous. what fabulous locations. Love the lighting on the second to last one

20:49 April 18, 2011


Like your pictures!! we've bin there in our summerholliday xx from the Netherlands!!

18:45 November 8, 2011

    Angela Ward-Brown

    It's a lovely place - I hope you enjoyed it!

    14:06 November 10, 2011

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