February 9, 2012

A not at all cheesy maternity shoot :)

Jen contacted me because she is soon to be a mama (“No Way?!”  “Yes!”) and wanted to get some pictures of her pregnancy for the sake of posterity.  Now I never know quite what to do with maternity shoots – you see some really cute, creative ideas out there involving a mind-boggling array of props, but these don’t really suit the way I roll.  So when Jen suggested a portrait shoot that just happens to include a big ole bump, I jumped at the chance.  I hope you like the pictures Jen (& Joel!), and I hope that in a few years you can show that wee person inside of you what they looked like in utero 🙂


Catherine Wright

aaah - takes me back to that time before the first one arrives. She has it all to come! Lovely.

21:35 February 9, 2012


Lovely. Really nice and relaxed. {Love those 3 pictures hanging up - might steal that!}

09:48 February 10, 2012


they're beautiful Ange and Jen!  

10:57 February 10, 2012


not at all cheesy- pulled it off I think. gorgeous

19:26 February 20, 2012

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