April 19, 2019

Sarah & Simon’s Somerley House Wedding

Today was such a treat. Sarah & Simon were a treat. The sun on our faces all day for the first wedding this year was a treat.  Somerley House was, as always, the most gilded and beautiful of treats. The flowers, the food, the music, the company, all, you’ve guessed it, TREATS.  Now I have said treat too much & it feels weird. Ok, this is why one shouldn’t blog at 2am.  

So, I am not going to go on for fear of of waking up tomorrow & needing to immediately delete the whole blog post due to its lack of sense.  But, Sarah & Simon, you were amazing, your day was amazing, and I am so honoured you asked me to record it.  

A HUGE thank you as ever to the merry & fragrant vision that is Alex at Somerley for all that she does to make every wedding live up to the visuals of the venue she runs, thanks to Sally & the team at Ginger Catering for the amazing food, to Jack Aldridge  for his videography skills and being part of the AV Club for the day, and to Rev Philbrick for making us so welcome at Breamore Church.  Happy Easter everyone! 

PS> for extra giggles see if you can find the shot where I manifestly failed to be arty and instead managed to get a mirror shot of myself, the videographer, some hair, and precisely no one in the bridal party….


David Wilkins

Wonderful set of Images, Beautiful Work

16:30 April 23, 2019


    Thank you David!

    12:13 April 25, 2019

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