June 22, 2019

Georgia & Josh’s beautiful Cotswold Farm wedding


Some weddings are so impossibly pretty, and couples so relaxed, that is kind of like cheating. It feels like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Georgia & Josh were married at Georgia’s local church & family farm just inside the Cotswolds.  She had a veritable platoon of beautiful bridesmaids in shades of green & viridian, and the day was filled with gales of laughter and 161 people having the time of their lives.  Isn’t that just what weddings should be?  Gathering together in huge numbers & eating gorgeous food, cementing friendships, joining adored families, wearing banging outfits, and climbing up the biggest virtual hill and shouting that you love this person, and you will do always.

I never, ever take for granted that I am allowed to give witness to this, to spend the day with people I really like & tell their story through a collection of electronics & glass, plastic & impossibly complicated tomfoolery, but really just through my eyes and hands.  It’s a damned privilege.  

So here, Georgia & Josh, is my story of your story.  Thanks you so much for trusting me to tell it.  (and thanks to my kick-ass second shooter Mia!)