About me

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Since I started charging for the pictures I take of people living their lives, I have learned some things;

Every bride looks like a stone cold fox on their wedding day.  They just do.

Children will not sit still.  Ever.  Unless you want them to run about.  And reverse psychology doesn’t work.  It basically comes down to hypnotism or a blow dart.

I consider being present at these important days such a privilege.  To see the anxiety, the drama, the relief, the fun, the dancing, the affection; and then to get to record it all – is there a better job?

I am based in Winchester, Hampshire, but undertake work across the county and beyond.  I specialise in weddings & portraiture, but I undertake commercial work as well – please see my commercial site www.feastsshootsandleaves.co.uk

I am a bit of a nerd, I am passionate about good cheese, Parks & Recreation and dogs, and I believe comfy shoes to be a basic human right.


[Image by the brilliant Hannah Walker of Casey Avenue Photography]