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Alex & Jenny
After looking for a while, we chose Angela to be our photographer after seeing some of her photos on her blog (which is amazing). Everyone looked so natural and relaxed, thats what we wanted! As we both hated being in front of the camera, we needed someone who understood we didn't want loads of posed shots. We had an engagement shoot which I can't recommend highly enough. Not only did it give us a chance to meet Angela again, we got a feel of what it would be like on our actual wedding day and what to expect, this was so useful as it meant on the day, we were both so much more relaxed and you can really see that in the photos! Thank you Angela!
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Roy & Pieter
Oh Angela, the photos are incredible, exactly what we wanted! You’ve done an amazing job and we are so pleased! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We’ve looked at them all (consuming two bottles of rosé in the process) and there were tears and laughter, lots of “aahh’s” and quite a few “wow’s”. We are having a slideshow on a projector in South Africa at the party and I’m so pleased that we are going to have some of these great images to show my family and friends who couldn’t make it. Thank you again!
Isabel & Benedict
“Thank you SO much, we can’t tell you how much we love them! We set you such an impossible brief – camera shy groom, short amount of time, small crowded space where no one stood still… and you provided us with the MOST beautiful memories of what for us was a really wonderful day, so thank you thank you thank you!”
Alex & Paul
Angela, thank you so much for the pictures.  They really have captured the day perfectly - you are awesome!
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Philly & Luke
Luke and I want to thank you so much for the fantastic photos. We saw them online when we were away and loved them. We've also got the memory stick and your lovely note when we got home. Thank you for being an important part of our day and for being so nice with it
Judit & Robin
The photographs are great and there are some truly magical ones.  I love the pictures in the rain where you can see the raindrops and the one with Robin through the window sipping his champagne and I could go on, my shoes, my bouquet and the two of us walking to the church.  Lovely, lovely images.  Some of the ones with reflections in mirrors are very clever. It was a very beautiful day in so many respects which you have captured wonderfully in your images.
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Sarah & Ryan
Oh Ange!!! Oh my lord, you've just had us all teary at baggage reclaim!! Thank you sooo much, our photos are truly beautiful & you didn't miss one single detail! We love them and it made all the memories of the day come flooding back.
winchester wedding photographer
Scott & Kate
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!!! We are thrilled with them. You captured the whole day and the photos are just what we wanted! Informal photos that captured just how happy everybody was all day.